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Read more about the services you can take advantage of:

The purpose of the individual consultation is to conduct an initial interview, to establish what your request is and to give guidelines for action - to recommend a method and a specialist for work. It takes place within 45-50 minutes by advance booking and can be live or online.


After an initial consultation, a decision can be made to continue with psychotherapy.  The duration of one session is about 45 minutes, and the frequency of meetings is determined by you.


Children groups for socio-emotional development are designed for children of almost all ages: they needn't have faced serious emotional or behavioral problems to benefit from such a group. The current situation of social isolation, escalation of tensions at school, family and other social groups, combined with the very natural and inevitable challenges which the different age stages create for children, we all recognise the need for additional work to ensure the optimal social and emotional development of future generations. Such groups are available for children aged 4 to 12, include 4 to 6 children and take place weekly for 90 minutes at a convenient time.


Group methods are very suitable for working with adolescents, allowing them to express themselves more freely and naturally. They are often useful for adolescents who need to improve their social skills or who are resistant to individual work. The groups take place weekly, in a pre-arranged convenient day and time of the week.


All of the above-mentioned services are also available in English: individual consultations and psychotherapeutic work, as well as groups for children and adolescents. The forming of an English-speaking group, however, is not guaranteed if there are fewer than 4 participants per group. You can read more in the English version of this website.


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