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About me

Regina Gospodinova

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I graduated a bachelor's program in "Psychology" at the New Bulgarian University; my academic interests led me to a master's degree in "Psychoanalytic Studies" at the University of London, which I obtained in 2021.

More important for my practice is my psychotherapeutic training which I started in 2015 in the psychodrama group therapy method. In 2016, I also started my training at the Bulgarian Society for Lacanian Psychoanalysis, part of NLS and the World Association of Psychoanalysis. To this day, I am still learning through supervision, training seminars and clinical workshops. 

Professional approach

Going through various stages of my formation, I have made the choice to rely primarily on the psychoanalytic theory and practice founded by Jacques Lacan and developed by many other contemporary analysts. My personal view - stemming from my own experience as a patient in various psychotherapeutic approaches - is that psychoanalysis offers the most profound and individual insight into the psyche. My values coincide with those of the Lacanian school. Guided by them, I insist that in our joint work:

  • you are welcomed as an individual with attention to your personal experience;

  • we are guided by your current needs, thoughts and priorities, not by the formulas and manuals which psychology offers;

  • you are given the space to draw your own conclusions, get to know your unconscious motives and make conscious decisions about how to move forward in your life, instead of me giving you ready-made but non-working solutions;

  • we am not only to "eliminate" a symptom, but to look for its cause  in order to prevent its return after the end of our meetings.

You can read more about psychoanalytic theories and practices in my blog posts.


Education & Qualifications

My university education is in psychology, and outside the university I study at the Bulgarian Society for Lacanian Psychoanalysis and practice under supervision. I am also a student at the Psychodrama Institute "DEA", training to work in groups through the experiential method of psychodrama. 

University education


MA 'Psychoanalytic Studies', Birkbeck College, University of London


Cognitive Neuroscience,  University of Trento, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science


Psychology in English, New Bulgarian University, Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology

Psychotherapeutic training


Psychodrama Institute "DEA" member of the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations, Belgium


Bulgarian Society for Lacanian Psychoanalysis, member of  Nouvelle École Lacanienne, France


Institute of Psychodramatic Practices Chiron, Member of the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations, Belgium

Registry code at the Bulgarian Agency of Psychologists (BAP): BG RP 2657 – 2634 (6001)
Contacts of BAP:

Psychotherapeutic space "Fragments"

Fulfilling one of my dreams - to live in Plovdiv - in 2021 - I also opened my own private practice in the city. Psychotherapeutic space "Fragments" is open for psychological counseling and activities related to mental health and personal development. 

In addition to consultations, I organize  various activities for children, self-developing and informative events, groups and others. You can follow current events on the office's Facebook page =>  

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The name of my practice has been carefully chosen. First of all, because every person's need to find a space where they can speak freely and be heard has always been vital, and during the pandemic such spaces have become increasingly difficult to find.


Secondly, the title Fragments for me has a closer connection to the psyche than is commonly understood. Very often people worry that their inner world is fragmented, contradictory, confused. They strive at all costs to ''arrange'' it and feel uneasy when this doesn't happen. What's more, they often ask their psychologist or therapist to arrange for them. My personal view is different - it is the fragmentary nature of our mind that can give rise to a new idea, a new direction and provide valuable information about our symptoms and desires. This very human fragmentation allows us to enter the psychotherapeutic space and have something to talk about, learn about ourselves, and continue life with curiosity and joy. 

Anyone who needs such a space is welcome!

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