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About me

Regina Gospodinova, psychologist

Реджина Господинова - психолог

Телефон за връзка: 0894 421 394

I work as a psychologist, as well as therapeutically under supervision in a private private in the city of Plovdiv. In my work, I follow the theoretical and practical ideas of Lacanian psychoanalysis - this is a psychotherapeutic method, which, in my opinion, most thoroughly explores the human psyche and focuses not only on eliminating a symptom, but on unraveling its causes . I work with children, adolescents and adults both individually and in groups.


I'm passionate about a variety of projects, ideas and causes, and that's how this site came about - as a blog to raise awareness. Raising awareness in Bulgaria about the possibilities for psychological help, changing people's attitude and their willingness to face the stigma and talk about their experiences - all this can only be achieved through the efforts of those working in the field.


With this blog I try to contribute at least a little to the freely available information on similar topics, and where my office is you can find out  here: Psychotherapeutic space "Fragments".

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An initial interview to find out more about the request of the interviewee and to give guidelines for action -  recommend a method and a specialist for continuing work. A consultation lasts about 50 minutes and needs to be booked in advance.


After an initial consultation, a decision may be made to continue with psychotherapy.  The duration of one session is again 50 minutes, and the frequency of meetings is determined by you.


The various methods of work in psychology provide opportunities for children programs supporting their emotional, social and mental development. The groups can be for both children and adolescents. 


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